High School   Hello my name is Larry Roop and here you will get to know me just a bit better. I was born in 1956 at the tender age of 0. They say I was a very healthy baby and I guess weighed around  7 pounds 8 ounces or was it 8 pounds 7 ounces, not sure any more but suffice it to say being my mom was on the smaller side I weighed a lot for her. Anyway to move along and not bore you with the types of baby food I ate, well maybe just one word on it, if my mom would have let me do the shopping back then I would have been eating the good stuff, not that fake name brand so many kids are stuck with.

   Any who in the time machine and off we go. It was around my third year in school when I discovered that I like to write poetry, now back then a guy that likes to write poetry was not very manly and the young stud that I was I think I had to keep that hidden. We did not have word processors back then and for sure no personal computers, typewriters, yea they were invented but could not find one around my house. so I had to use something call a piece of paper and a no. 2 pencil, boy in retrospect life was hard back then. It would have been nice if I could recall all of those poems and remember what I wrote about, however I think it is a safe bet to say that romance was not on the top of my list back then so probably they were things like humorous, or maybe a birthday poem here and there. Sadly throughout most of my young career my filing cabinet was my waste paper basket and every so often my mom would come along and empty my filing cabinet. Yea I know all of those great works of art tossed in the endless sea floating to some place that man has never seen. Just think all the money I could have made now with my earlier work in tow, triple digit numbers there for sure.

tn_Navy Pic   Back in the time machine we find ourselves in 1978, ah such a good year for wine, well not really but I am sure it was a good year for something. Actually we had a pretty big blizzard that year ... no not the kind you get at Dairy Queen the kind with loads and loads of white stuff coming down. Somebody order a really big extra helping of the stuff and got their wish quite to the dismay of most folks. But good deal for me I missed it all, not one drop fell upon me and the reason for my good fortune is I joined the U.S. Navy and made my Uncle Sam happy. Yep you heard right, anchors a way my boy, anchors a way.  Told you it was a good year for something; am I ever wrong or what? That was the year I sat in the barber chair asking for just a little off the top and they decided in the infinite wisdom that I would prefer to have it all off  the top, sides, back you name it. Well contrary to my barber back home I guess it was not a half bad look on me, considering the choices I had.

   Well life was not half bad  after I got out of boot camp, yea not much to talk about in there other then the fact that when I went in I was around a 36 waist and came out a 31 waist, so yea boot camp is not a bad place to go on one of those exercise diet, once again what choice did I have. Well back to the poetry at hand, but this time around it seemed to fall more under the category of Song Lyrics. You know how all of those songs start out right, a few words on paper and the next thing you know old Jed a millionaire, wait wait he made his money in oil, not song writing. Anyway before you get to thinking I made millions, yea I wish, but I was rich in spirit does that count? When I was station on my ship I remember writing a song that I sent off to one of those places that puts your words to melody. I got the tape back and sure enough there was a finished song, so hey cool but no nothing ever came from it. To this day I do not even recalled the name of it, I just remember it had one of those standard country and western melodies to it and it was nice at the time.

   Well suffice it to say I can recall having a few papers full of poems/lyrics and such like that, but you all remember in my younger days where my filing cabinet was yep thats right you guessed it the only difference was I or someone besides my mom cleaned out my filing cabinet this time.  A couple of songs did stick with me to this day in ways of speaking. A spiritual song  titled Thank you Lord” maybe someday something will be done with that and another song I wrote for a girl I knew who was about to have a baby and that one was titled Born into this World. that one never got on the top 100 billboard or anything but if you care to hear it you can find it here.

tn_My Photo   Well back in the time machine and we land pretty much in the years between 1986 and 2019 yea I know the darn year calibrator mess up that is what I get for buying foreign parts. Anyway the pic on the side is by no means up-to date but it is one of my better ones taken since I got out and lived a civilian life again. We stayed with writing poetry off and on throughout the years but once again we never really did a whole lot with it Some of you poets know how that goes, it is more so something you like to do to take your mind off of things, writing can be sort of relaxing and poetry gives you a chance to express yourself, so a poem here and there can be sort of meditating if you will.

   I joined a writing place on the web called Fan Story back in about 2001 give or take and there I was back to writing a fair amount of poetry I kept that up until around 2008 and I took a break from that place, still thinking about it from time to time but never made any attempts to go back and sign back up. Fortunately they keep your work around so this year I made the jump to go back and try it all again. I recovered my work and off we go. Hey at least this time there was no one around messing with my filing cabinet and all stayed in place, thank God for small favors. Getting back into writing poetry again has caused me to try and set this website up. In all honesty I did try and do a website up before but it seemed like it was not meant to be so they did not last to long, hoping for the best on this one. Always had a little thought on maybe doing a small company with the Imagine Poetry as my label to my company so that is another goal we will try and go hand in hand with. So there you have it folks. After reading a super short condense version of my life we our at the point of just doing what comes naturally, writing. Stay tune to this channel and others for more updates and if you get up on Fan Story come look me up and if you like read my work and become a fan of mine, I will check your work out too and who knows might become a fan of yours as well, take care.