Welcome to Imagine poetry, here you find the heart to what poetry is all about. Not in a huge big technical sort of way but a more simplistic easy to understand way.
I believe poetry is meant to be enjoyed by everyone, and as the main poem suggest it will change our lives, the way that we feel, it takes simple words and makes them so real. We want poetry to do that, have it change us for the better and feel something each time we read it, drawing us in to the words we read.

   In another page we will explore briefly the various kinds of poetry there is and there are many forms for sure. We may not get to all of them but cover some of the more popular ones. Myself personally I am more of an old fashion kind of guy meaning I prefer the straight poetry that rhymes, most likely a Quadtrain style that either rhymes in a AABB or an ABAB sort of fashion but more to come on that later.

   Of course on the poetry page we will have poems written by myself, and be sure to check out the bio page to learn just a bit about me throughout the years gone by. The poetry store is where you will get the imagine poetry merchandise. The contact page is to get a hold of me, if you have general questions, an idea that would be cool or just to drop me a line and say hi. The links page will have some pretty good places on the web dealing with poetry, and a donations page in case you want to support me in my efforts to do more with this site in whatever way that can be.

   This will all take some time so please do not get discourage if your checking in with us pretty much from the on start New poems will be added from time to time and other places will get updated. Thanks for being apart of imagine poetry and we hope you will enjoy this site often.